Technical Advisors

Our mission as an Economic Development organization and an interactive community of entrepreneurs and small business owners is to master a growth mindset, stay motivated, get shared feedback, and have access to an exclusive business support system.

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Donna Hover-Ojeda, MM,  PhD

Mastermind Director

Dr. Hover is the Founder of Mighty Underdogs and CEO of Leaders Laboratory, a strategic growth company, mastering growing companies.  She started her first company in 1987, starting over six businesses and actively growing hundreds of small businesses over her tenure.  She specializes in multigenerational family-owned "big-business".  She organized over 1500 CEO Masterminds serving over 50,000 executives during her thirty-five years.

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Tom Nixon

Brand Management

 Creative Mill, has spent his career at the intersection of strategy, innovation, creativity, content, and community.  Tom's career has included all aspects of creative communications, including advertising, marketing public relations, corporate communications, video production, digital marketing, and podcasting.  He has held leadership, management, and ownership positions leading growth, diversification, and innovation initiatives at multiple creative firms.  Tom has published a new book "Do Less, Sell More" released in 2021.

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Arthur Jones

Board Member

Arthur Jones, creator of It's Your Story Lab, is committed to doing the work to build a brand based on virtues and values found in your origin story; to refine your thinking and company strategy.  Intentionally people-centric, and growth-focused.  He specializes in design and systems thinking mindset-Understanding the impact of structures, patterns and cycles in systems and their effect and impact on the minds and mental models of people working within them.  We have designed our business practices to enrich the lives of the business professional we work with and ultimately create a more just and caring world.  

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Rose Snyder ACC, CPIC

Leadership, Education Director

Rose Snyder, CEO of, loves working with businesses in leadership, communication, team building, governance, and strategic planning.  She has 25 years of experience working in key leadership positions within the Olympic sports world.  Rose provides courses on leadership and professional development across the country and facilitates "Your Leadership Journey" cohorts virtually throughout the year.  Rose has a master's Degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.  She is also a licensed trainer in leading team-building tools used to understand individual differences and how to utilize these differences to advance personal and professional relationships. 

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Bill Vinck, MBA, PhD

Merge/Acquisition, Business Valuation Expert

Bill Vinck, Senior Advisor, Excendio Advisors.  BIll has a broad international operational and technical leadership background with Fortune 10 firms such as AIG, SC Johnson Wax, and Philips.  Bill has experience in post-acquisition integration in large publicly traded companies and smaller private sector technology firms.  At Chrysler Motors in Detroit, he worked on the integration of several acquisitions including AMC, Maserati, and Lamborghini.  Bill held the position of Director of World-Wide Information Systems at SC Johnson Wax.  Bill is fluent in Spanish.

Luisa Recchia, John Maxwell Director

Executive Coach

Luisa Recchia has been working with Mighty Underdogs since the beginning.  She is an executive coach and a certified John Maxwell facilitator.  Luisa is the hands-on executive coach helping people get what they want from their businesses.  She has a unique ability to identify underlying issues that confuse and frustrate many entrepreneurs and then build and implement organizational tools, using various tools to help improve performance.  She is an entrepreneur and has work experience in the medical, financial planning, and manufacturing sectors.